• Victoria’s Circus

              Victoria loves anything Mickey Mouse related and so this year, her parents decided to throw her a circus party – Mickey’s Circus Party that is. The yellow, red and blue color palette was the only natural choice as we wanted that traditional circus feel. Bambini Soiree’s circus train tables also… [Continue Reading]

    Victoria’s Circus
  • Bumblebee Maya’s Enchanted Garden

    For my daughter’s first birthday, I wanted to do something special and different. I married my theme when she was born because I grew up watching “la abejita Maya” which translates to ‘bumblebee Maya.” Knowing my theme, I also knew I did not want to do a traditional bee party, I wanted a color palette… [Continue Reading]

    Bumblebee Maya’s Enchanted Garden
  • Milla’s Hot Air Balloon Festival

    When Laura initially contacted me for a Hot Air Balloon Festival party I was thrilled! I always had wanted to do a festival and her theme I was simply smitten with! We started looking for locations and Thalatta Estate seemed to be the most appropriate one! We booked the venue and had our initial meeting at a bench there. Laura… [Continue Reading]

    Milla’s Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Boho Chic American Girl Kaya Party

      My daughter wanted and american doll birthday party this year and since her favorite doll is Kaya, I thought it would be perfect to throw her a pow wow. I ran the idea by her and she loved it so to work we got. I designed the invitation (a handmade dreamcatcher) and selected my color palette. I am naturally… [Continue Reading]

    Boho Chic American Girl Kaya Party
  • Let Your Dreams Take Flight Little One!

    Designing and planning Juan Xavier’s first birthday was a complete pleasure. The fact that his mom loves to entertain and is literally all about the details was the icing on the cake! Together with his mom, we came up with the theme and the planning began with me commissioning talented Johanna and Frank from Bambini… [Continue Reading]

    Let Your Dreams Take Flight Little One!
  • Kora’s Sleeping Beauty Party

    I really love what I do. I get to make children smile when they walk into their parties! Kora was no exception, this tiny but very determined little girl requested a sleeping beauty party. Kora’s mom Andrea, had a vision so we worked together to achieve it while keeping within her budget. There were lots… [Continue Reading]

    Kora’s Sleeping Beauty Party
  • Splish Splash It’s a Mermaid Bash

    This year, my daughter requested a mermaid party so I hit the drawing book and started gathering inspiration. I always start by determining a color palette and so I came up with soft palette of blues, purples with hints of gold! I do not have a pool at home (where we held the party) so I decided to make the… [Continue Reading]

    Splish Splash It’s a Mermaid Bash
  • Princess Allanna’s Sofia the First Fairytale

    Helping mom Joanna plan and style her daughter’s birthday was a dream come true. Her daughter, Allanna requested a Sofia the First party and so the planning process began with the selection of the color palette and design of the logo and invitations. Being that Joanna and Vince own their own catering company and that Vince is an executive chef,… [Continue Reading]

    Princess Allanna’s Sofia the First Fairytale